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The epicentre of this office concept is built around understanding the emotions, attitude and feeling of our staff, visitors and students. Through an intricate appreciation of what drives our moods, we have created a dynamic space that allows everyone to prosper. This is about understanding the minute facets of human feelings and building an environment that takes consideration of the underpinning scientific theory. This is not about how the building looks, but rather how it works.

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From the moment you enter the building you will see that instinct house is different. Solid wooden doors open to a light, fresh and organic interior. What you see and where you want to explore is all carefully managed, fuelling curiosity and adventure. Upon entry, you are greeted by a large curved wall where we have the opportunity to stage different messages from client work and inspiring stories, which will keep our building fresh and exciting.


The lighting scheme within instinct house has been innovatively designed to provide different moods. We know that our staff feel different throughout the day with waves of energy and our lighting scheme will help to manage concentration throughout the day and year. By the use of cool, white light mid-afternoon through to moody and discreet lighting late into the evening, we manage how the atmosphere feels.


Informed by our extensive studies of seating posture, we have created a wide selection of tables and seating areas throughout the building. Our staff, clients and students can sit where they like. Depending upon their feelings they can work shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow designers in the studio, or take a more exclusive and peaceful meeting table in our auditorium. The shape, size and height of tables all have a profound impact on how we feel and this logic is inherently woven into the instinct house blueprint. Everyone at instinct house is equal: there are no prestigious heads of department that get their own kingdom. We all work together and believe in the same things. No tables in instinct house have corners or head positions. We are a team.


Amazingly, instinct house contains its own auditorium where we can train, support and educate our people. Since we are in the business of knowledge, we have to be super-efficient at sharing it. Every week our staff will have the opportunity to learn new things and expand their understanding of human behaviour. Our presentations are given by both our internal staff and external friends who want to collaborate in this amazing project.


Intelligent design is built into everything you can see and touch at instinct house. From the light switches that are clearly labelled on a schematic of the office floor plan, to sockets hidden discreetly in the centre of the table tops, everything is considered. Even if you have a flash of inspiration over lunch, there are pens and napkins for you to jot down notes!


We also need the opportunity to bring all our people together across our different business departments. Therefore, we have a large purpose built restaurant that provides food to our team and visitors. Provided free of charge, this central hub of the business is designed to allow biologists to sit with 3D designers, students with managers, and clients with staff from across the breadth of the business. Lively conversation, food and laughter are central to the atmosphere in this area. You even have the choice to select the plate or bowl that best suits your appetite and mood.


Since understanding human emotions lies at the heart of our business, we need a special place to explore what emotions truly are and how they should be the central part of any design thinking. After all, instincts invisibly guide our behaviours through emotions. There is no better place to explore this philosophy than in our Emotion Lab where clients can delve deeply into how they want their customers to feel.